VT-Flex 435 Vertical Tillage Tool

VT-Flex 435

The VT-Flex 435 vertical tillage tool from Case IH offers simple, variable gang angle adjustments, allowing producers to meet the soil management needs of any field with greater flexibility and precision. With adjustments that can be performed on the go and a rugged, durable design built to withstand tough conditions, this vertical tillage tool is ideal for mixed farms and small to midsize grain operations.

Flexible and agronomic soil management

Agronomic flexibility is a core design feature of the VT-Flex 435 vertical tillage tool, which helps producers achieve optimal field conditions with simple, variable gang angle adjustments. Gang angles are mechanically or hydraulically adjustable from zero to 12 degrees to match the operator’s desired field finish — spring or fall. From the tractor cab, operators can adjust the front gangs independently from the rear gangs to further vary residue coverage and field finish. Additionally, 20-inch, shallow-concavity fluted blades help cut residue at shallow gang angles, cutting and mixing residue with soil for faster breakdown.

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A durable design built to withstand tough field conditions

The VT-Flex 435 vertical tillage tool is built tough to work hard season after season. The machine is equipped with 20-inch Earth Metal® VT wave blades designed to stand up to tough conditions with maximum durability, while flat, crimped blade centers create exceptional blade strength.

Case IH has incorporated a number of durability features on the VT-Flex 435 vertical tillage tool that are common and proven on other Case IH vertical tillage tools. Rugged cast-iron nodular spools and large arbor bolts make for greater durability, and the TigerPaw Crumbler roller features a proven spring down pressure design with formed bars to add strength under any conditions. Additionally, a powder coat paint finish provides greater resistance to impact, scratching, fading and in-field wear and tear.