Axial-Flow 4000 Combine Harvester Series

Model includes 4088


Axial-Flow has led the industry since 1977, providing a simple design that produces superior grain quality and better value than any other combine on the market.

Case IH Axial-Flow® combines were launched in 1977 in the USA. Within 35 years, the product was upgraded and its capacity increased and Axial-Flow became the benchmark for harvesting all around the world. The R&D Centre and the new manufacturing complex in Harbin, China, is producing Axial-Flow combines with Global sourcing and with the worldwide Case IH quality well known by our customers. This provides farms and farmers with first class harvesting solutions and excellent capacity, performance and efficiency and unbeateable grain quality.


Perfectly in line with the Axial-Flow family, the 4000 Series cab delivers an amazing feeling of space and comfort: exactly what’s needed to guarantee optimum performance even in the longest working days. More then 3.74 m2 of glass provide unrestricted panoramic view and excellent visibility of the header, the crop flow into the feeder and unloading auger, while sitting comfortable on your suspended and individually adjustable seat. The perfect working environment is guaranteed by high air filter capacity, standard heating and optional air conditioning.