Axial-Flow Series

Axial-Flow 150, 250, 4000 series

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Axial-Flow 150 Series

Axial-Flow 250 Series

Axial-Flow 4000 Series


  • Axial-Flow® combines provide you with a proven, versatile, cost-effective harvesting system.
  • Single in-line Axial-Flow® rotor. The rotor is the heart of the process, delivering dynamic, precision grain-on-grain threshing.
  • Efficiency by design.Crop moves through the combine in an efficient, uninterrupted stream. Case IH gives you the ability to harvest an impressive selection of crops efficiently and cost effectively. Multi-crop ability from the industry-leader. Wheat, rye, maize, rice, oilseed rape or beans, the Axial-Flow® is a proven harvesting system designed to provide you with a business advantage.
  • Power Boost Technology.The latest Case IH combines feature Power Boost technology for top harvesting performance, plus a range of advanced features and functions to help you produce maximum yields efficiently. With this solid design, Axial-Flow® combines offer the right business solution, season after season.
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