Near-infrared sensor for crops and slurry.


Whether you focus on crop growing, biogas or dairy production, precision is the future of successful farming. With NIRXact we now provide highly innovative Near Infrared Sensors that allow you to achieve a whole new level of accuracy and efficiency. Mounted directly on your machines, NIRXact sensors are able to measure moisture and nutritional composition of harvested crop such as dry matter, protein, starch, fibre, neutral detergent fibre, acid detergent fibre, ash and sugar – in real time and with accuracies up to two percent.

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Moisture 2%, ADF, NDF, Starch, Ash, Crude Fat: 3% *
12-32 V DC
-15°C, +50°C
235 x 150 x 170mm

Fields of application

Dairy production: Adjust the forage ration of your animals based on its nutritional value for optimal milk production.

Crop growers: Compare hybrid variety productivity.

Biogas production: Improve the efficiency of your biogas plant.

Contractors: Enhance invoicing and documentation and provide additional services to your customers by offering maps and data of harvested crops.

* The degree of accuracy depends upon the availability of prediction models for each product, on-site verification of the instrument, use of the NIR Evolution Cloud Software

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