AFS Connect™

The Freedom To Farm From Anywhere.

AFS Connect™

The agricultural sector is constantly changing. With the trend of less arable land but more people to feed, there is a need to maximise yields. With Case IH’s Advanced Farming Systems (AFS), we aim to help farmers meet this challenge. We look at each operation individually to provide a solution for every requirement.

That’s why we offer different options of (automated) guidance systems, from factory or as a retrofit solution, which makes our offering also ideal for customers with mixed fleets.

We use state-of-the-art technology to get the best out of (almost) every situation for our customers. We evaluate new technology trends to make them easily available to them.

One of these examples are telemetry. Today, every new AFS Connect machine is equipped with a telemetry modem which enables easier data processing and visualisation, remote support and many other benefits.

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Farm, Fleet & Data Management

Accessible Data Optimizes Operations

With AFS Connect, field, application and farm data are available at the touch of your fingertips, allowing for a maximum organization while minimizing downtime. AFS Connect is a high-tech solution for the most difficult field challenges, helping you gain insights and get more done each day.

Proactively Manage Your Operations

Using Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect, log in and view your fleet from anywhere. Remotely monitor your fleet’s activity to view and coordinate equipment performance, enabling you to make quicker, more-precise operational decisions based on equipment parameters, status and location.

Agronomic Data Benefits Daily Decision-making

With a user interface developed by customer feedback, Advanced Farming System (AFS) Connect puts you in control to share your farm data with trusted partners, anywhere. Share relevant agronomic information with preferred business partners — dealers, agronomists or consultants — to optimize time.

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